Open Access Partnership Program (OAPP)

Open Access (OA) becomes the new standard in scholarly publishing and is a commitment of the EU research ministers. To cover the costs of publishing OA, authors are billed for article submission fee and article processing charges for accepted papers. Many institutions, funding agencies, and foundations are creating OA funds that cover the researchers’ Article Processing Charges (APCs).

Since Salvia Pub is dedicated to providing free access to the latest research without barriers and restrictions, our OAPP aims to support academic establishments through simplifying payment processes and granting discounts for the APCs to authors from participating organizations.

Salvia OAPP is perfect for institutions looking for visibility and supporting their researchers in OA publishing. It simplifies payment process and provides financial assistance by reducing some of the fees associated with OA publishing. We can adjust our invoicing procedure to meet the needs of each institution. For more information, please contact us (Email:


Key benefits



  • No upfront payment or a deposit is required.
  • We are able to customize invoices as required, bundle them, or issue them only on a specific day. We can continue to send invoices to a corresponding author (author-distributed invoicing) or issue invoices centrally to an address of choice (central invoicing).
  • The institution can cancel your participation in the program at any time.
  • Our staff cross-check all incoming submissions.


Cost Reduction

  • Abolished submission fees for scientists from the institution.
  • Associated with partnership institution authors receive discounts on the APCs for accepted articles.



  • Provides information on the status of articles, submissions and publication dates, author names and contact details of each paper, actual invoiced amounts etc.
  • Receive alerts at article submission, acceptance, and publication.