Why partner with us?

With our deep knowledge of scholarly publishing, we have the ability to comprehend and assist the requirements of our publishing partners. You can maintain full ownership and control over your journal while benefiting from our comprehensive systems and services. Our managed open-source publishing system, SalviaJournix, is a cost-effective solution that minimizes the internal resources needed to run an exceptional publishing program. Open publishing infrastructure Our SalviaJournix and publisher services are specifically designed to streamline open-access publishing workflows. We handle everything from submission and peer review to production and publication, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for journal owners.
With our services, all components are hosted on our end, allowing for easy and hassle-free updates of new features. We take care of the technical aspects so that you can focus on the content and quality of your journal.
We offer a range of service options to suit your specific needs. Whether you require support from submission to publication or only from post-acceptance to publication, our Phenom system can accommodate your requirements. Salvia Journal Management System (SalviaJournix) and Publisher Services SalviaJournix The SalviaJournix and publisher services are tailored to seamlessly manage end-to-end open-access publishing workflows. These services offer a range of functionalities to support efficient and flexible publishing operations.

Flexible Submissions

Editorial Screening

Comprehensive Editorial Screening: Robust editorial screening includes checks for plagiarism using tools like iThenticate, identification of suspicious keywords, utilization of suppression lists, author verification based on publication records, and citation analysis.

Peer Review Management

Post Peer Review Screening

APC Billing and Collection

Invoice Management: Invoices are generated post-article acceptance. Payment Flexibility: Authors have the option to split payments or assign an invoice to their institution or themselves, with payment methods including bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card. Discount and Waiver Management: Institutional and funder discounts are managed, and waivers are processed both automatically and manually.

Production Management