Our Mission

At SalviaPub, our mission is centered around the research community. We are committed to shaping a future where researchers are not only inspired to collaborate but also equipped with the necessary tools and services that facilitate seamless cooperation. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate any obstacles that hinder the progress of scientific inquiry. We are dedicated to amplifying the influence of scientific research by fostering a culture of openness and encouraging global collaboration. We firmly believe that the true potential of science is unleashed when research is conducted openly and collaboratively. In essence, our mission is to empower researchers and promote a research ecosystem that thrives on transparency, cooperation, and shared knowledge

For Publishers

At SalviaPub, we understand the evolving landscape of scholarly publishing and the benefits that come with embracing an open-access model. That's why we've developed Phenom, a comprehensive publishing solution designed to empower publishers and societies. Phenom streamlines the entire publishing process, from initial manuscript submission to peer review, production, and final publication. Our goal is to assist publishers in harnessing the advantages of open-access publishing efficiently and cost-effectively. With SalviaJournix, publishers gain access to a user-friendly platform that supports all aspects of the publishing workflow, enabling them to provide high-quality services to authors and readers alike. Join us in shaping the future of scholarly publishing with SalviaJournix—a solution that simplifies the publishing journey and enhances the accessibility and impact of academic research.

For Authors

At SalviaPub, we prioritize the needs of researchers throughout the publishing process. Our commitment to supporting the research community has led us to develop a diverse portfolio of peer-reviewed, open-access journals. These journals span a wide spectrum of scientific and medical disciplines, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your research. We invite you to explore our range of journals and select the one that aligns with your specific niche and area of expertise. With our open-access publishing model, your research can reach a global audience, making a meaningful impact on your field. Join us in sharing your discoveries and contributing to the advancement of science and medicine